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From Dracula's 15th century palace to Ceausescu's People's Palace

Count Dracula, the fictional character, was inspired by the Romanian (Wallachian)  Prince Vlad the Impaler. The vampire's residence was Europe. Prince Vlad lived in Sighisoara, Poenari and occasionally Bran Castle.
The other famous Romanian figure lived in Bucharest and is still remembered for his selfishness and lack of respect for the people. The Romanian Parliament today was meant to be his residence. It's a mammoth building, second largest civilian administrative building, most expensive and heaviest:
- 270 m by 240 m
- 92 m underground
- 1700 rooms
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Other estimates: 3,500 tonnes of crystal (480 chandeliers), 1,409 ceiling lights, 700,000 tonnes of steel and bronze for monumental doors and windows, 200,000 sqm of woolen carpets etc.
Important events were organized here:
- The Palace hosted the 20th NATO Summit in 2008
- Costa Gavras shot scenes of the film "Amen" in the Palace, meant to represent the Vatican.
- The Palace appeared in "Top Gear" on BBC (2009). The presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are shown race throughout the underground tunnels and garages in an Aston Martin, a Ferrari California and a Lamborghini.
Sad memories: The construction began in 1983 and required demolishing of much of Bucharest's historic area, 19 Orthodox churches, 6 Jewish synagogues, 3 Protestant churches and more than 30,000 residences.
Do you consider it a beautiful building?

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