Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Should we teach our students to compete?
According to an online poll we shouldn't.
Yes: 45%
No:  55%
Still, Mrs. Laura Fratu, director of Lexis Constanta, branch of Lexis Schools of Languages decided to  encourage the students to participate in an online design competition. She gave us a couple of very good reasons why children should be taught to compete from an early age. On one condition: to always keep in mind the basic rules.

First, kids should not participate to win at all costs.
They should participate fairly and effectively.
Life is competition, so it’s good for the kids to learn to accept social behaviour, to form lasting and healthy relationships.
Competitions teach the young students to focus to complete everything they do and take pride in their accomplishment.
To complete the project suggested to them, the Lexis Constanta students  worked together and learned to be responsible and do their best to perform at their optimal level.
The students learned that winning isn’t everything. Working together is fun, helping each other is rewarding, looking for solutions is challenging.

If the Constanta students win, their teachers and they will take pride and be happy. What  if they don't? I'd like you, readers of this post tell me: will they be disappointed, discouraged? Will they lose self-esteem and confidence?
Ne intereseaza parerea dv. Va rugam sa votati in continuare sau sa comentati.
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