Sunday, 26 September 2010


The time limit is three minutes. Let’s start with a couple of Maths problems:

1. If I am three times as old as my daughter, but five years ago I was five times as old as my niece, how old am I now?

2. My neighbour is twice as old as his son. Next year his age will be the same as the digits of his son’s age reversed. How old is my neighbour and his son?

3. George is now twice as old as Peter was when George was as old as Peter is now. If you add their ages together you get 91 years. How old they?

4. When asked her age by a reporter, a famous movie star claimed that she was 30 years old, failing to mention that she was only counting workdays (Mondays to Fridays). How old was she really?

Solve the following anagrams. The solution is a single word, a clue to which is given in the anagram:

1. The classroom
2. It eggs us on
3. Voices rant on

Can you answer the following logic puzzles?

My neighbours are the Browns and the Smiths. All the members of the two families have blond hair and blue eyes. As they don’t look different, one can only distinguish them by the fact that the Browns always tell the truth, while the Smiths always lie. I once met three children and I wanted to know what family they belonged to. The first muttered something I didn’t understand. The second clearly answered he was a Brown. Immediately, the third exclaimed to the second: “You are a liar!” What family did the third child belong to?

Maths problem

1. 30
2. My neighbour is 72 and his son is 36.
3. Peter is 39 and George is 52
4. 42


1. Schoolmaster
2. Suggestion
3. Conversation

Logic puzzle

The Browns

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