Friday, 1 October 2010


The English ... and the Whole World is Yours! contest has come to an end. It's been a long way, but definitely you and we enjoyed the whole of it: the summer days, the travels, the new friends, the new experiences.
261 entrants submitted into the three age categories. We were amazed by your creativity and enthusiasm and the variety of topics.
We are pleased to announce the winners:
 JUNIOR GROUP (aged 9 -12)
1. Harsan Claudia           Bucharest
2. Mataoanu Andrei         Bucharest
3. Dicu Ioana                 Bucharest
SENIOR GROUP (aged 12 - 15)
1. Stoica Stefania           Sibiu
2. Ion Iulia                    Bucharest
3. Iacob Adelina             Bucharest
1. Vasilache Ana Maria    Bucharest
2. Stefanescu Luana       Bucharest
3. Gutu Anamaria           Bucharest
Congratulations to the 9 winners and thank you everyone for participating!
I wish everyobody success in the coming academic year!

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