Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I don’t know whether Andrei Catalin – from Lexis Mozart - has plans for his future career. He’s eleven and most kids his age have dreams. Some would like to become astronauts, others think they will be sports stars one day. What I know for sure is that Andrei can use English efficiently to write about a famous tourist attraction in Romania.

He has a chance to become a man of science. He proves excellent qualities of a keen observer:

The Bear’s Cave was discovered on September, 1975 by the miner from Chiscau, a village in the Apuseni Mountains. In the 1970s, the people were looking for marble to export, but when they blew up the cave and saw the beauty of it they decided to save it for tourist purposes.
The cave is 1500 m long, but only 900 m are arranged for visiting. The rest of it, about 600 m long, is now a scientific reservation. In this second part was found a bear’s sleeping place. Usually, the female bear after it gives birth makes such a sleeping place. Also, the men found, many bear pawsprints on the wall. 
Inside the cave there are limestone stalactites and stalagmites and many fossils of about 15,000 years old.
The temperature inside the cave is 10 C degrees all the time.

As any child his age, Andrei must have been fascinated by the legend of the scared bear and the attractive names given to the rooms and different types of formations: Magic Place, Lily Lake, Snow White’s home, Santa Claus, Rocket Ready for Launch, Candle’s Gallery, The Curtains, Old men’s council, Spaghetti etc

Watch the stalactites and stalagmites; they want to become columns. And they will. In 20 years, a 1 cm³ of limestone is added. Come back over 12,000 years to see the columns!!
 Every year the Bear’s Cave is visited by 200,000 tourists from around the world.
The cave is one of the tourist attractions of Romania.

Like a true ambassador of your country, you’ve convinced me. If one day Romania needs a Minister of Tourism, you can be one. If you want to recommend the foreign visitors of Lexis Top Students Blog another beautiful place to visit, please write.

Looking forward to publishing your new article.

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