Friday, 8 October 2010


Claudia is a B-Senior level English student at Lexis Schools of Languages – Oltenitei Branch. During the holiday she went to an English Summer Camp at Cheile Gradistei in Romania, where she had a great time. She is the 1st prize winner in the "English ... and the whole world is yours!" online contest.

Why did she choose an English Camp to go to?
“I wanted to improve my English in a funny way. So, I decided to spend some time at DAD UK camp with my friends and neighbours. I thought that it was very difficult to communicate with the British teachers and the advanced students but I didn’t give up.”
She made an excellent decision.
“ My teacher Caroline was kind and helpful. We had lessons and workshops everyday, on interesting topics: British culture, Irish dances, grammar, vocabulary etc.”
But what she liked best were the sports and entertaining activities: horse riding, archery, climbing, mountain biking, swimming, paintball, orienteering (learning to use a map and compass to get from one marked point to another).”

I totally agree with her when she emphases that as a student of English the whole world was hers.
“It was a rewarding activity that requires communication, concentration, co-operation of team members. I enjoyed hanging out with lots of cool people. I would recommend everyone to give such an experience a try.
With love,

She came back from the camp determined to improve her English.

Good luck, Claudia! All the best to your friends - Ada, Horia, Claudia, Sergiu, Maria and Simina!

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