Tuesday, 30 November 2010

1 DECEMBER - Celebrations Around the World

ROMANIA  - the Great Union Day (also called Unification Day)
December 1, 1918 – the National Assembly of all Romanians in Transylvania, Banat and the Hungarian Country convened in Alba Iulia and decreed, by unanimous vote, the union of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom.

PORTUGAL - Restoration of Independence from Spain in 1640

ICELAND  - Independence Day
Although not a public holiday, many Icelanders celebrate it. On December 1, 1918 Iceland became independent from Denmark.

NEW ZEALAND - Chatham Island province Anniversary Day

  • National Pie Day is also celebrated on January 23 by tossing a cream pie in your best friends face. The best way to celebrate this day is to:
-         bake pie
-         eat pie
-         teach pie making
-         share pie
-         sing pie songs, read pie books, quote pie poems etc. Crazy! Enjoy pie!
  • Rosa Park’s Day  On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama she refused to obey the bus driver 's order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger
  • Eat a Red Apple Day (origin unknown) This is one of those "made up" food holidays, but it's a great reminder to incorporate fruit into our daily diet.
The United Nations’ World AIDS Day is held on 1 Dec. to honor the victims of the AIDS pandemic.

Every six years, the federal government is changed on December 1.

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