Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Lexis Q & A Collection

Have you ever wondered ...
  • What is the Sun like inside?
  • What makes black holes black?
  • Where dinosaurs brainy?
  • Who drove war chariots?
  • Who was Mr. Bentz?
  • What is Mischief Night?
"A Lexis Question & Answer Collection" is guaranteed to entertain and inform our fans aged 7 to 100. Let the contest begin!
 CIVILISATIONS    You probably remember that around 8000 BC people began to grow crops and keep animals. These early farmers settled down and lived in small villages, which later grew larger and became towns.
  • Which was the largest known ancient city ? (Clue: Over 6000 people lived there by 6250 BC.) 1 point
  • What animal was first tamed? When? 2 points
  • Did Stone Age people hunt wild animals? What was the largest? 1 point

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