Thursday, 11 November 2010

PROFILES: Stefana Stoica, Sibiu, Romania

1st prize in the Lexis ... and the whole world is yours! contest

Stefana has been a Lexis student for 7 years. She is now an FCE Student, even if she ‘s only 13.
“Stefi might be short, but she has a big heart and a wide smile. She is  competitive, funny, hardworking, optimist, cheerful, smart, determined and…. I could go on and on. We all call/pet  her  “the little one” but I really and truly think that she should be called “ the great one”- Mirela Radu- her teacher for 3 years

Stefana :”  I have 3 hobbies : spending time with my friends, reading science- fiction books. And I like LEXIS. Lexis has been teaching me not only English, but also the value of friendship and respect. I just love it and I wish I could become a teacher like the ones from Lexis”
LexisTopStudents has published just fragments from Stefana's ppt video presentation and poem.

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