Saturday, 27 November 2010

What a good language school never teaches

A good language school never teaches about indifference, fecklessness or bull-headed resistance. A good language school doesn’t limit itself to teaching content, or skills. Good language teachers don’t provide their students just knowledge.

We give our students ownership over their performance by developing the students’ competences. This is what we do at Lexis; this way, the teachers and the parents can describe the students’ progress in terms of:
• pragmatic competences
• sociolinguistic competences
• strategic competencies

I haven’t mentioned the intercultural and existential competences which are two aspects we are going to deal with some other time.

We also select the texbbooks carefully; the ones that provide more than just reading texts, grammar and vocabulary. We prefer the coursebooks in which the learning aims are clearly explained and plenty of ideas are given to help the students with their learning strategies.

Thus, the learners are helped to recognize what they know and what they can do with the language. From an early age they are given the possibility to realize why they are studying, and what they can actually do with the language and how they are progressing.

Mr. Lex

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