Monday, 1 November 2010

Who is Mr. Lexis ?

Mr. Lexis is this cute little mascot. He was born 15 years ago in Ploiesti, Romania when a Lexis Schools branch was opened there. Although still in his teens, Mr. Lexis has a lot of experience to teach English grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing and to give you advice on how to prepare for international and national exams.
He'll answer all your questions about the Trinity College London examinations, the Cambridge ESOL exams and extracurricular activities.
Mr. Lexis is not just a picture. He really exists and you'll
 see him as soon as we receive a picture of him from Ploiesti.
Mr. Lexis'  first lesson will be posted soon. The topic is What a good language school doesn't teach. Do you know?

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