Thursday, 2 December 2010

PROFILES: Adelina Iacob

Adelina was awarded the 3rd prize in the "Lexis ... and the whole world is yours!" contest.
She studies English at Lexis Marasesti-Unirea, in Bucharest. This is what she wrote about herself in a letter:
 My name's Adelina and I'm 13 years old. I've been with Lexis for 6 years and I really enjoy it because the group is so funny and cool and because I love English. My hobbies are rollerskating, swimming, playing basketball, diving, writing
 songs and stories about aliens and FBI investigations. I love America and everythings related to it. I disapprove of people who smoke and I really can't stand football...IT'S TOO MUCH ON TV!!! I also love animals, dancing and my Physics teacher. He's so funny and believes in UFOs.
P.S. My favorite subjects are English, Physics, P.E. and I also like Geography and Maths, but not too much
This is Adelina: brief and to the point. We hope she'll become a famous writer. Maybe, another Agatha Christie was born.

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