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Réunion  is a French island (one of the 26 regions of France) located in the Indian Ocean. It is the outermost region of the European Union. As an overseas department of France, Reunion is part of the Eurozone.
Population: ≈800,000
The ethnic groups present include Europeans, Africans, Indians and Chinese. Those who are born on the island are called Creoles. The Portuguese are thought to have been the first Europeans who visited the island in 1635 and found it uninhabited. In 1671 there were 90 inhabitants on the island and then in 1777 (35,100 people), in 1860 (200,000) and in 1967 (416,525).                                                                 
Language: French is the official language. Reunion Creole can also be heard in administration, but not in education. Tamil is taught in some schools. Mandarin, Hakka, Arabic, Urdu and Cantonese are also spoken by different communities.                                                                                        
 Location: east of Madagascar, south of Mauritius                                                               

Capital: Saint-Denis

Geography: Reunion - 63 kilometres long, 45 kilometres wide – is situated above one of the hotspot ( volcanic regions) of the Earth’s crust. The Piton des Neiges volcano is extinct, while the Piton de la Fournaise has erupted 100 times since 1640. The slopes of both mountains are heavily forested. The West coast is ringed by coral reef                                                                            

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