Monday, 28 February 2011


                                IT  IS  FROM  THE  HEART

You are going to read, and hopefully, to enjoy poems, essays, plays and prose written by very young students, teenagers and even teachers.

The selected passages are part of projects carried out at all Lexis branches with a view to developing the language awareness and skills in English students of all ages.

 In the process of creation the students proved not only talent but also inspiration. With joy and enthusiasm      most students tried their hand at writing.

 The topics they dealt with varied from feelings to places, from SF to comedy or fairy tales. A recurrent topic   in all writings is the dream.


 Hi, I’m Terra.                                                                
 I’m eight years old and have a new dress
 It’s red and yellow.
 I have three shoes,
 Red and yellow, too.
 Of course, I have a hat.
 My skin is green.
 Am I beautiful?
Maria Meirosu – B junior   
Lexis Kogalniceanu


 Alexandra Pelle from Lexis Constanta
 lives in Miky Town. It’s a nice town
 with trees and a park. There is a school
 and a hotel. There is a swimming-pool
 and a disco, too. There is a restaurant
 and shops. When I want to go somewhere
 I take the train. I like my town.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

March 1st - A Beautiful Ancient Tradition

Mărţişor (celebrated on the 1st of March in Romania, Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria) is the diminutive of March (in Romanian Martie) and means little March.
It is the symbol of spring and is probably originated in ancient Rome. March is the month of the war god Mars who also has the role of protector of agriculture, thus the celebration signifies the rebirth of nature.

Women are offered little gifts consisting in a talisman, an amulet tied to a red-and-white string and are wished health, happiness and good luck. Exchanging these little gifts -  flowers, greeting cards or chocolates-  is a gesture of respect and friendship.
March 1 is the beginning of a seven-day period celebrating women and mothers.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


 Why do people take drugs? Is there any serious reason for this? Most people who do this are broken hearted, stressed, have no occupation. Very sad, isn’t it? Why can’t they find a more appropriate solution? Some of them find it easier to forget about their problems rather than solve them.

According to recent research, there are more men than women who take drugs. They say that men or boys are usually part of a gang sharing things together. As to the girls, they usually have one or two friends and the things they share together are chatting, dancing, music or fashion.

A great part of drug consumers are teenagers. Some of them start taking drugs out of pure curiosity, or just because they have nothing to do. Some others want to be cool. They are not conscious of the fact that they can soon become addicted to drugs. They think they can control drugs, but in the end it is the drugs that control them.

Also, there are lots of famous people that take drugs. They have a busy daily programme, feel tense or stressed, and they work under a lot of pressure; all this makes them think they can’t make it out any longer. They start taking drugs thinking that this might be the best solution to all their problems.
Psychologists say it is only an illusion that is given to them. In fact, it is such an illusion that takes them into a world other than the real one. Could this world be an ideal or perfect place for them to live in? Could this world be a “paradise” to them? What is sure is that paradise and hell are too close to each other and even closer to death. Furthermore, what is worse is that this “paradise” ends in people’s death in most cases.
One important aspect of the issue is that people who fight against drugs find it very difficult to make drug addicts become aware of the dangers they are exposed to. Another aspect is that the healing process is almost all the time difficult and requires that a lot of people should get involved in this battle: the addicts themselves, their families, the doctors and the psychologists. It is a hard process that lasts for the rest of their lives since they can never say that addiction is completely defeated.

Friday, 18 February 2011


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Thursday, 17 February 2011


                                                         A Rainbow of Colours 
                                                         Poems by Mara Zahiu

                         A rainbow of colours                   A very lonely moon
                         Is waiting for me                         Is waiting for me.                    
                         To go with many flowers             To come very soon.
                         And nature to see.                       And the bright stars to see.

                                                      A little pink rose
                                                      Is waiting for me
                                                      To love those
                                                      That any child can see.

                                                          Real Life

                         The blue sky                                  The white clouds
                         And the blue water                        And the white flowers
                         Are always the same thing.           Are just one thing.

                                                     The love of the Earth
                                                     And the love of the sky
                                                     Are making together
                                                     A real life and love.

The Camp of Dreams

This camp of dreams
I think it seems
Like a garden of love
Because here are those
Beautiful flowers
In many colours
And this green grass
On which we have the class.
These children that are our friends
Live in these houses.
Our happy teachers
Have many features:
They always laugh
They are always nice
And they love the children.
This camp is and always will be
The camp of dreams for me!


The Real Dracula History TV -1

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Valentine's Day Around the World (Legend & Reality)

Saint Valentine is the name of 14 martyred saints of ancient Rome. The name "Valentine", derived from valens (worthy, strong, powerful).
The 14th was also a designated a feast day to honor two Christian saints (at least one named Saint Valentine) martyred by the Roman Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. There is a little bit of love stuff in this part, though -- the reason Saint Valentine was killed (beheaded, actually) was that he continued to marry young couples even though Claudius forbade it. Apparently Claudius thought that married soldiers weren't as good as single soldiers.

In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius declared February 14 to be the Feast Day of Saint Valentine...Patron Saint of Lovers and Engaged Couples. The patronage of Saint Valentine also extends to epilepsy (from which he is believed to have suffered), bee-keepers, plague, greetings, travellers and young people. Throughout the world, there are several special resorts that exhibit a romantic year-round theme (but particularly on February 14 with elaborate celebrations) and which are named in honor of Saint Valentine...Saint-Valentin in France (also known as "le village pour les Amoureux"), Saint-Valentin in Austria, Saint-Valentin in Quebec, Canada (founded in 1835 and granted the unique distinction of being the only location in the world with permission to use a heart-shaped date stamp on outgoing mail) and Sakuto Cho in Japan.

In Wales, in recent years a trend has developed where many people forgo the traditional Valentine's Day celebration in February to celebrate St Dwynwen's Day on January 25th instead. After all, why wait an additional 3 weeks to profess your love and say 'dwi'n dy garu di' (I love you).
Men LOVE Valentine's Day in Japan. And why not after all? In Japan, it is the day when women GIVE men gifts of chocolate. On February 14th, women present gifts to their male lovers and friends.
Then, on March 14th which is known as White Day (started in 1980), the men return the favour by giving gifts to the women.
Israel, though, gives lovers a second chance to send gifts or give marriage proposals in late August on Tu B'Av which is the festival of love.
Brazilians celebrate the Dia dos Namorados (Day of the Enamored) on June 12th. Likely, this date was chosen as the day to celebrate love because it is just before St. Anthony's Day who was the marriage saint. It is believed that St. Anthony brings good luck on all marriages.
In China, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, the Chinese young people celebrate the "Night of Sevens", but gift giving in the traditional European sense is not part of this holiday for the Chinese. However during this festival devoted to love, there are several charming customs.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


For many years I've been asking myself - like all responsible teachers and parents - whether books are losing popularity. With computer games, the internet, iPods, and God knows what else, kids' attention moved from drawing, painting and reading picture books to digital gadgets. Soon, the media put a label on children by writing about the digital generation and how different the 21st Century Babies were from their parents and grandparents.
A couple of months ago one of our students- a well-known cell phone freak - drew my attention. He was reading a BOOK! I thought it was a joke and pretended not to pay attention to him. But after a few days I saw him reading again and again. A book had replaced the mobile phone. Was that a step backwards? Definitely not! The 11-year-old boy had always been a good student, but I've noticed recently he's started making even better progress academically. Success brought him popularity, and being more popular he become a trendsetter. Other students started imitating and  in a couple of months, communication between them improved.
Here are a couple of aspects that must have contributed to establishing better relationships and leading to excellent academic results:
  1. Reading books helps children improve their vocabulary
  2. A good book relaxes and eliminates stress (playing video games for hours on end is tiring, sometimes irritating). So, moderation in everything is the solution.
  3. Children's imagination improves: they are able to initiate new games, to embark in new activities.
  4. They get informed and learn about interesting things in a fun way.
  5. Children can find their role models in books.
  6. Good stories teach a child how to behave in social situations.
  7. Last but not least, having developed a reading skill (by practising daily) the child learns faster and better.
At what age should a child be able to read? My daughter started reading at 3, but every child is different. Anyway, parents should not forget that the best learning period is 2  to 7 when it's crucial for the brain to develop verbal skills. Read stories to your kids and this will determine their interest for stories and an impulse to start reading themselves. Select the content, show enthusiasm, let the kid feel your joy in your voice and they'll develop a desire to read.
You can start here:

    Please share freely in the comments below. Did I miss anything important here?