Thursday, 17 February 2011


                                                         A Rainbow of Colours 
                                                         Poems by Mara Zahiu

                         A rainbow of colours                   A very lonely moon
                         Is waiting for me                         Is waiting for me.                    
                         To go with many flowers             To come very soon.
                         And nature to see.                       And the bright stars to see.

                                                      A little pink rose
                                                      Is waiting for me
                                                      To love those
                                                      That any child can see.

                                                          Real Life

                         The blue sky                                  The white clouds
                         And the blue water                        And the white flowers
                         Are always the same thing.           Are just one thing.

                                                     The love of the Earth
                                                     And the love of the sky
                                                     Are making together
                                                     A real life and love.

The Camp of Dreams

This camp of dreams
I think it seems
Like a garden of love
Because here are those
Beautiful flowers
In many colours
And this green grass
On which we have the class.
These children that are our friends
Live in these houses.
Our happy teachers
Have many features:
They always laugh
They are always nice
And they love the children.
This camp is and always will be
The camp of dreams for me!


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