Tuesday, 22 February 2011


 Why do people take drugs? Is there any serious reason for this? Most people who do this are broken hearted, stressed, have no occupation. Very sad, isn’t it? Why can’t they find a more appropriate solution? Some of them find it easier to forget about their problems rather than solve them.

According to recent research, there are more men than women who take drugs. They say that men or boys are usually part of a gang sharing things together. As to the girls, they usually have one or two friends and the things they share together are chatting, dancing, music or fashion.

A great part of drug consumers are teenagers. Some of them start taking drugs out of pure curiosity, or just because they have nothing to do. Some others want to be cool. They are not conscious of the fact that they can soon become addicted to drugs. They think they can control drugs, but in the end it is the drugs that control them.

Also, there are lots of famous people that take drugs. They have a busy daily programme, feel tense or stressed, and they work under a lot of pressure; all this makes them think they can’t make it out any longer. They start taking drugs thinking that this might be the best solution to all their problems.
Psychologists say it is only an illusion that is given to them. In fact, it is such an illusion that takes them into a world other than the real one. Could this world be an ideal or perfect place for them to live in? Could this world be a “paradise” to them? What is sure is that paradise and hell are too close to each other and even closer to death. Furthermore, what is worse is that this “paradise” ends in people’s death in most cases.
One important aspect of the issue is that people who fight against drugs find it very difficult to make drug addicts become aware of the dangers they are exposed to. Another aspect is that the healing process is almost all the time difficult and requires that a lot of people should get involved in this battle: the addicts themselves, their families, the doctors and the psychologists. It is a hard process that lasts for the rest of their lives since they can never say that addiction is completely defeated.

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