Monday, 28 February 2011


                                IT  IS  FROM  THE  HEART

You are going to read, and hopefully, to enjoy poems, essays, plays and prose written by very young students, teenagers and even teachers.

The selected passages are part of projects carried out at all Lexis branches with a view to developing the language awareness and skills in English students of all ages.

 In the process of creation the students proved not only talent but also inspiration. With joy and enthusiasm      most students tried their hand at writing.

 The topics they dealt with varied from feelings to places, from SF to comedy or fairy tales. A recurrent topic   in all writings is the dream.


 Hi, I’m Terra.                                                                
 I’m eight years old and have a new dress
 It’s red and yellow.
 I have three shoes,
 Red and yellow, too.
 Of course, I have a hat.
 My skin is green.
 Am I beautiful?
Maria Meirosu – B junior   
Lexis Kogalniceanu


 Alexandra Pelle from Lexis Constanta
 lives in Miky Town. It’s a nice town
 with trees and a park. There is a school
 and a hotel. There is a swimming-pool
 and a disco, too. There is a restaurant
 and shops. When I want to go somewhere
 I take the train. I like my town.

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