Monday, 22 August 2011


Wednesday, 5May, 2010, when the journey started, we posted our first photo presentation. We thought that - like Jules Verne - we were going to complete our tour in 22 weeks and write about all the countries our blog visitors are from.
This is going to be our last "22 Weeks" post. We'll continue the geography series under a different category as the number of countries now is 63.
No more travel photos, inspirational stories today. Instead, I've put together videos that will take you to Russia, China and Australia, Israel and Afghanistan.
 Australia's Rainforests

Australia - Banana Farming

Australia - Land of Extremes (German version)

Australia - Extreme Country (English version)

Israel (German version)
Afghanistan - German version

Moscow in 4 minutes

Enjoy watching and dreaming!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Reading with young teens - THE WOLF'S TALE

Red Riding Hood thought she knew all about her dear granny.
But she didn't. No one does.
Only me . . . and, now, you.
(Louse Cooper)
The Wolf's Tale

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Roald Dahl - Poetry Archive

Roald Dahl (1916-1990) is one of the most successful children's writers in the world: around thirty million of his books have been sold in the U.K. alone. 
Do you think you know the story? There's a big surprise for you. Read the poem and listen to the poet himself!

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Roald Dahl - Poetry Archive