Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mondays with Crazy English

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OK! What do you hate most? Mondays or crazy, unexpected, strange English idioms and expressions? I hope neither. Learning English is fun, fun, fun!
Let's take the word you learned first: English. Have you ever wondered how many ways you can use it?
1. There are several varieties of English; they are called ENGLISHES.
2. When a text is capable of being translated into English, it is ENGLISHABLE. 
3. So, one might make an attempt TO ENGLISH it. Do you want to conjugate it? Easy.
If you did it some time ago, you ENGLISHED the text. What about ENGLISHING? Perfectly correct.
4. English people have every right to be proud of themselves; ENGLISHNESS is their cultural identity.
5. What makes the English so different? Their ENGLISHISMS (ideas, manners etc. typical of English people)
6. Many think it's a priviledge of being and Englishman. ENGLISHRY - this is how this state is called. Can you add any more forms?

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