Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Quiet on the set!

The International Children's Film Festival KINOdiseea started today at 7 o'clock p.m. Founded in 2009, the 3rd edition of the only annual Romanian festival of films for children is taking place at Grand Cinema Digiplex (Baneasa Shopping Centre). The event was organized by Metropolis Film Association.

The opening speech was delivered by - Irina Margareta Nistor - an aristocrat of the world of cinema.

Today's screening: The RUNWAY (Luxemburg, Ireland, 2010)

KINOdiseea's mission is to present and preserve multi-cultural cinema for kids aged 6 to 16 and to offer age-appropriate hands-on activities (acting, photography, dance, parent-child learning), educational seminars and workshops for adults and children.

This year the festival is hosting retrospectives and premieres of feature films, animation and documentaries created by artists across the globe.

The Team:    Daniel Mitulescu (Festival Director)
                     Cristina Constantinescu (Festival Executive Director)  
                     Benjamin Ribout (Artistic Director)
                     Simina Banulescu (International Relations Director)
                     Delia Marcu (Marketing Coordinator)

Children's Jury:    Anastasia Radulescu
                     Brenda Stefanescu
                     Marcu Andrei Solomon
                     Maria Nitulescu
                     Mihnea Iancu
                     Sophia Neacsu (KINOdiseea Jury President)

ECFA Jury:  Celine Ravanel (France)
                     Even Thunes Jensen (Norway)
                     Petr Koliha (Poland)

Read about the most successful films and keep up with news about this annual event in the next posts.

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