Thursday, 27 September 2012

Big Ben and the Romanian kid

Yesterday, I visited a school in Bucharest, Romania. A new school with an old tradition. With a group of enthusiastic teachers from Lexis Schools of Languages, I participated in a lesson on the European Day of Languages with games, flags and cartoons - everything primary school kids love in a language lessson.

The lesson was over. The kids were leaving the classroom when I saw a boy coming straight to me with a picture of Big Ben in his hand. Most seriously and unexpectedly for me, in the circumstances, he asked  if I could explain how the clock mechanism powers the famous Big Ben.

I didn't hesitate to give him brief explanations, but I realized it was not enough. He seemed to have been fascinated with technology and here I made this selection of videos for him.
Help needed!!
If anybody has more information for David S., the10 year-old boy with such a desire to learn new things, please post or recommend other reliable sources.
Thank you School 27 (Scoala Gimnaziala 27) from Bucharest for your hospitality and exceptionally smart students.
This post is dedicated to all children in Grade 3 A and Grade 4 C and their teachers, Mrs. Nicoleta Nigai and Angela Paslariu.
If you have other questions you'd like me to answer, please post them below.  You can write in Romanian.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Take a virtual tour of Big Ben and neighbourhood


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