Friday, 30 November 2012

New Café on the Block

Statiscs say the following about the Romanians.

"As for their leisure time activities, 81.5% never goes to theatre, 77.1% states that going to cinema is not a habit for them, meanwhile 48% goes out in discos on regular basis. 39% never reads books and 41% does not practice any sport. Seems like the only constant activity is watching television, as 63% declared." Source (2007):

The above figures have been changing dramatically in the past years. The capital city offers a generous list of attractions for theatre-goers, book-hunters, music lovers or for social interaction.

Good news. A new cafe to open in Bucharest! Excellent news for bloggers. The man behind the idea is Victor Catalin. I've never met him and probably, never will.
Still, it seems I've known him for ages. Immediately after I had created this blog for young English students, in March 2010, I found out about ToateBlogurile portal and registerd my blog. The young, restless man never ceased to amaze me.

Producing projects seems to be have been written in his job description: (Portal), (Ziarul Toate Blogurile), (Comunitate de presa pentru bloggeri),  (Program de afiliere) and last but not least, Cafeneaua bloggerilor. Not only does he have projects, he also fulfil them all.

Congratulations Catalin and best of luck!

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