Friday, 14 December 2012

What's on your bedside table? (1)

Winter is here in Bucharest with everything we hate: temperatures below freezing, dirty snow, slippery pavements, bumps and bruises, aggressive drivers stuck in traffic jams. Another dusting of new snow is expected next week.

But at home, at home we have everything we love: family and friends, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, our favourite tea, the cosy sofa.

Sometimes you come back home, put your cold feet into your fluffy slippers and realize something's missing. A good book is  missing, or a stack of books.
By the way, what are you reading this winter? What about "Great Expectations"? You might ask, "Why on Earth would I read Charles Dickens in the 21st century? He was a man of his times, all right. In his novels he teaches us how to think. But many other writers do."

The reason why I like and recommend Charles Dickens is because he tells us things about ourselves, because he is such a keen observer of the human nature. Dickens is a man of our times, as well. His messages about poverty and charity, about misfortunes and forgiveness can teach us valuable lessons on how to survive, about generosity and faith. Aren't poverty and charity themes we are talking about a lot these days? You'll probably recognize your neighbour or a relative in the novel, your teacher, a lawyer or a famous Romanian politician. It's about your life.

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What are you reading this winter?

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