Tuesday, 26 February 2013

With my smile I greet, and with my hat I travel

Who is Miss Highbrow ? Looking at her photo, one might say she was an actress, a cover girl or a TV celebrity.

Would you ever believe she's an inquisitive philosopher and curious book lover? Why don't you visit her blog to enjoy her articles and take part in the conversations. You could start with "The bazaar of life": a simple story, but so vivid with descriptions. Read and you'll hear the writer's voice, look at the photos and you'll experience London thru her senses.

And just for a change, or maybe for a lifetime career as a politician, Mihaela Gruia, the Romanian student at the University of Sheffield is attending LIMUN 2103 (a simulation of the UN system) the delegate of Philippines in UN Women Committee.

Yes, life is fascinating! 

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